Media Products and Services

Gain higher exposure for your marketing message with transit shelters distributed along busy bus routes throughout your market. Metro Media Partners offers a number of displays that are backlit for night viewing of your message by pedestrians and traffic, too.

Street Furniture Advertising

Take your brand and your advertising to the streets where consumers are spending on average 70% of their time. Our products provide companies with low CPM and high ROI. Metro Media Partners has made it their mission to improve communities with functional and attractive street furniture that also allows businesses to promote their products or services.


Curbside Billboards

Curbside Billboards are just inches from streets at eye level and are located on main roadways in the city at consumer destinations and in residential areas. Curbside Billboards provide 24-hr visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic at high circulation locations. They can be used for general market coverage for an entire area, and in some cases Curbside Billboards can be hand-selected to target a specific demographic or geographic area.


Bench Advertising

Bench advertising offers a wide canvas for ads to deliver street level impact throughout cities and shopping centers. Located in high traffic areas, these eye level advertisements demand attention. This low cost advertising is a great way to target different areas without needing a large budget.


Website Retargeting

Users That Visit Your Site After consumers visit your site, we 'tag' their device and serve them ads for your business for up to 30 days as they continue their online activities.


Search Targeting

People Searching For Your Products Or Services "Golf Courses Fort Wayne" If they're searching for your services, we can serve them an ad. Based on consumer behavior we will serve them ads for your business for up to 30 days as they continue their online activities.



Using the GPS of a mobile device, we place targeted ads on their phones once that phone has entered a defined geographical location. Ads are served to them on their mobile device for the next 30 days.

  • Set up ads around your competitors (Conquesting)
  • Set up ads around your current Metro Media Ads
  • Target specific locations and demographics that best match your target consumers.


Based on CPM (cost per thousand), Bus Shelter Media is one of the most cost-efficient forms of media. It delivers specific target audiences at low costs, making it a powerful component of your advertising campaign.


Poster Features and Specs

Make your message stand out with Bus Shelter Media. Your marketing agency can produce your poster, or we can provide creative staff to work with you on developing your message.


Our poster specs are as follows:


City Coverage

Metro Media Partners offers over 70 locations and growing in the Fort Wayne area, reaching Dupont, Southwest, and New Haven. You’ll find the locations you need to target your message geographically or to specific income levels.


The Fort Wayne Bus Shelter Improvement Project was started to bring Fort Wayne the "Best" bus shelters of any city or metro area in the country.


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